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Make the most of your security system with monitoring solutions to keep you safe.

Monitoring Solutions to Keep You Safe

Have piece of mind with high quality commercial and residential security system monitoring services that cover intrusion, environmental, fire, and life safety security products. 

Superior Fire Alarm & Communications can set up monitoring for new installations or we can help you upgrade from your current monitoring provider. Contact us today!

Monitoring Services

Have greater piece of mind knowing that your security system is being monitored by highly trained and certified representatives. With three monitoring centers throughout the US equipped with the most sophisticated monitoring technology, you can rest assured that your security system is being monitored by the best, 24/7.

Having the right fire monitoring service is crucial to life safety. At the first sign of a commercial fire signal, calls are answered only by operators that have passed UL Fire Response training.

Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) allows for greater independence to the people requiring assisted living but prefer to maintain a more independent lifestyle. Specially trained operators are certified and ready to answer PERS calls.

Remote video monitoring can help reduce false emergency dispatch by allowing operators the ability to assess the situation on site. With remote video monitoring, operators can increase safety by keeping an eye on the outdoors, indoors, and entry points around your property.

Two-way voice monitoring gives customers the ability to communicate from anywhere in their home or business hands-free and without a phone. Once an alarm is activated, an operator will be able to quickly communicate with your customer and assess the emergency.

Have greater control of your monitoring with interactive service. With the use of your mobile device, you can have remote access from anywhere to your alarm control panel, automation devices, and much more.

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